MORFIT Downtown!

If you haven’t heard yet, MORFIT is expanding! We are taking over the space formerly occupied by Urban Wellness in Cityplace in downtown Winnipeg.

MORFIT Downtown will be a full service fitness centre offering the same services as our St. Boniface location: Memberships, classes, personal and small group training, physical therapy, and nutrition services.

While we’ve been waiting to get our hands on the space, we’ve been quite busy with all kinds of planning. We’re playing around with floor plans to see how we can maximize the space to get a little more out of it. We have to decide where to put the sled turf down, where to stick enough spin bikes to run a class, where to set up the rig, what equipment to keep/add, and how to make everything fit comfortably so the gym has a nice flow and welcoming layout. Oh yeah, and we need to get the word out that we’re coming to Cityplace!

We’re also figuring out what to do behind the scenes with our membership software and website(s?), finalizing membership rates, and looking for quality staff and class instructors to add to the MORFIT Team.

We’ll be getting our hands on the space this week and will have a few things to do before we open including painting, rejigging the power and flooring to accommodate the new layout, setting up all the equipment, and making a few other changes.. When that’s done we’ll open the doors!

We’re planning on having everything ready to go for June.  We’ll keep you posted as we get closer and things come together!