New Class Information for Summer 2017

We are bringing in two changes to how we run classes this June.

First, we are changing the way we charge for classes. We are getting rid of the monthly block registration system. Members will now have the option of paying $22/month for unlimited classes or $50 for a 10 class pass (that doesn’t expire). Both these options will allow you to attend classes at both the St. Boniface and Downtown locations while we experiment with dual facility access for the first few months that the downtown facility is open. See the class fee breakdown here.

Second, we are going to try to keep more summer class programming than we have in the past. With the lovely spring weather that we’ve been getting lately our classes are transitioning into summer mode. We’re all spending a little more time outside and a little less time in the gym. Normally we cut back on our class schedule in the summer because attendance is both reduced and patchy. This year, because we have WellnessLiving up and running, we are going to try something else!

Rather than cancelling classes outright, we are going to use WellnessLiving to try keep more classes going. We are asking you to pre-register for classes through WellnessLiving – either on the website or with the WellnessLiving Achieve app (available on Apple and Android). We will check the attendance on the day of the class and if we have a minimum threshold of participants registered, the class will run as usual. If less than three people register, we will cancel the class that day.

If you are registered for a class that gets cancelled, WellnessLiving will send you a message letting you know the class isn’t running. Let us know if you’re having a hard time figuring out WellnessLiving and we will help you make sense of it. You can also call the gym and we will book you into classes on our end.

Enjoy the weather this spring/summer and hopefully a few more classes!