Butterfly Run

Butterly Run 2016

Our 4th annual Butterfly Family Fun Run is scheduled for June 12! (Click here for poster) We’re pretty excited that there might actually be butterflies on the course this year! Feel free to wear your wings as well.


The Butterfly Run is a family friendly 5km “race” that takes you out and back through Whittier Park. We add some obstacles/fitness challenges for the more adventurous runners, but the rest of the family should feel quite comfortable on the course, too.


Cost is $5 (under 13 years old run free) OR a donation to Winnipeg Harvest. Call MORFIT or come by the gym to get registered.




Come Run With Us!


Looking for someone to run with?  We have you covered!  MORFIT Running Group is back for the season and there are some events coming up that we want to do with you!


April 24: MORFIT Running Group

Starts April 24 and runs every Sunday from 11-12.  Run with Becky to Lyndale Drive where you’ll do drills and exercises to improve your running technique and fitness, regardless of your current level.  This is a class so register the same as you do for any of our other classes.  Bonus: the 3rd Sunday of every month is free!


May 28: COLOR ME RAD 5k

Register and come run with us.  The more of us there are, the funner it gets!  Make sure you join team MORFIT when you register.



Our annual 5km family fun run: We set up a course for you, you come out for some good, clean fun!  We will be collecting donations for Winnipeg Harvest, too.


July 23: MUD HERO!

Join the MORFITERATOPS team when you register.  The more of us there are, the better! We were 18 last time.  Just sayin’.

Happy Easter! Eating Candy? Enjoy it!


You’ve gotta love when Easter falls in nutrition month! (yes, it’s still nutrition month)

It means I get to write a rant blog about videos that saturated fat-shame our favourite Easter candy!

Just when we thought the nutrition world was getting over  singling out and villainizing single nutritional properties of food, we get something like this to throw our collective arms up to.  “So saturated fat is bad again then? I thought it was good now, or at least not as bad as it used to be…  Does that mean eggs are bad again, too?”

In the spirit of nutrition month, let’s breakdown this video a bit.  It takes our favourite easter candies and compares their saturated fat content to that of other taboo foods.


Thinking about eating a Lindt milk chocolate bunny?  Why not eat 2 Big Macs instead?!

17 Mini Eggs? If it’s saturated fat you’re after, why not try 2.5 Tim Hortons chocolate dip doughnuts?

Cadbury Creme Egg? You could eat 72 Lays original chips!

10 foil wrapped chocolate eggs? Reach for a Venti Starbucks vanilla bean frappuccino with whole milk and whip cream instead!

13 jelly beans? No saturated fat! Yes, we can eat those! But wait, they have 28g of sugar.  You could eat an entire pack of mini Oreos if sugar is what you’re after.


It’s wrong on so many levels.

1) I don’t think anyone is eating Easter candies and writing them off as health food.

2) We choose to eat these particular sources of saturated fat (and sugar, if jelly beans are your thing) because they are Eastery to us (Whether you’re celebrating the resurrection or squabbling about Easter vs Ishtar).  72 Lays Original Chips, satisfying as they might be, just don’t get us in the Easter mood.

3) There are fewer calories in every single example of Easter candy than in the food they are compared to.

100g Lindt bunny: 540 calories…2 Big Macs: 1126 calories

17 Mini Eggs: 200 calories…2.5 Tim Hortons chocolate dip donuts: 505 calories

Cadbury Creme Egg: 170 calories…40 Lays Original Chips: 423 calories.1

10 foil wrapped chocolate eggs: 285 calories…Venti Starbucks vanilla bean Frappuccino with whole milk and whip cream: 490 calories.

13 jelly beans: 140 calories…18 mini Oreos: 298 calories.


So how do we choose? Do we choose more saturated fat or more calories? Mini eggs or doughtnuts? It’s a false dichotomy; we don’t need to choose. Instead, we can recognize that eating any of the foods in the video may or may not support us in maintaining or improving our health.  You could even eat mini eggs and doughnuts and be healthy.


Will eating a 100g Lindt bunny give you a heart attack or make you fat or less fit or less healthy than if you ate 2 Big Macs? Or if you ate nothing at all? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s impossible to say. Individual food choices can’t be judged independently. It’s more important to look at them in the context of your nutritional day, or week.


Eating 17 mini eggs here and there is most likely not going to have adverse health effects if the majority of your diet is nutritious and balanced. Even if it wasn’t nutritious and balanced, you wouldn’t be able to say that it’s the mini eggs that caused an adverse health effect. If the big picture looks good, a few pixels of mini eggs won’t spoil it. If the big picture looks bad, a few pixels of mini eggs won’t be noticeable amongst the rest of the crappy picture. In that case, the whole picture would benefit from a change in eating habits, not just the few pixels of mini eggs.


The Bottom Line: if you like to eat Easter themed chocolate and jelly beans, enjoy some! If you’re also interested in improving or maintaining your health, make sure that you eat other things this weekend as well. If you’re not sure what else to eat, we’d be happy to help you learn to make health supporting choices.


Happy Easter!



1-the video had 72 chips, but the Lays nutrition info I found claimed 4 g of saturated fat per 40 chips.

MORFIT Info Session: April 9

Mark your calendars: We’re holding an info session on April 9th at 1:00!  We’ll be talking about your core this time around: What it is, why it’s important to train it, and how to go about doing so.  We’ll cover the muscles that make up the core, disc herniation mechanics, neutral spine, exercise selection, and exercise programming.  It’ll be a mixture of theory and practical so that when we’re done, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to train your core for better results in the gym and for a more comfortable life outside it.

core musclesWe are going to start holding these info sessions regularly again.  They are free as part of your membership-you can even bring a friend.  We just ask that you register so we know how many people to expect.  Future sessions that are in the works include TRX/Ring/Suspension Training, Combatting the Sedentary Work Station, Progressing to Pullups, Squat Clinic, Planning Your Workout, Overhead Pressing, and Cardiovascular Training.

Let us know if there’s something else that you’d like to learn about, hear our opinion on, or share with the members.  We want to cover topics that you find useful and/or interesting.

We are coming up with a points rewards system that we will use to give you something back.  We are still figuring out the details, but when you attend our info sessions or meetup activities, we’ll give you points that you can use to get a discount on your membership, classes, swag, etc.

Any questions: just ask!


Nutition Advice: A good source of iron(y?)


This nutrition quiz came through my feed this week.  I’m a glutton for exercise and nutrition articles so I jumped right in.  I find it fascinating to pick through health and fitness information on the internet.  Every week someone is coming up with a new way to present information or a new argument for/against clean eating, paleo, IIFYM, ab curls, fat, sugar, calorie counting, portion control, etc.  I find it helpful to look at all these different versions of often very similar information.  It helps me frame information differently for different people.


A common theme in nutritional articles these days is that there is so much information coming at us that it’s hard to sort out what to buy into and what to leave alone.  Often, the message is to cut out all the noise and follow some more general, simple advice.  That’s why this article piqued my interest.  It’s not advocating for simple.  It’s saying that among the constant barrage of often conflicting diet advice, it can be hard to choose which dietary tweaks will give you the most benefit.  Then it offers a quiz to help you assess your nutrition know-how and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.  I consider myself fairly well versed in nutrition know-how and figured I would ace this quiz.


So I did the quiz.  I didn’t ace it.  I found myself empathising with all the people I have ever talked to who were frustrated with said constant barrage of often conflicting diet advice.  This quiz adds to the confusion and does little to make dietary choices more clear, intuitive, or simple for the average person. Thanks to question one, I now know that if I want to get more omega-3 alpha linolenic acid in my diet I can get three quarters of a day’s worth by consuming a half teaspoon of flax oil. I could get a third of that from an omega-3 egg that was laid by a hen fed a diet containing flaxseed.  Salmon doesn’t contain any alpha linolenic acid, but it is a great source of omega-3 DHA.  Great!  I am on the road to diet and nutritional success!


I also now know that sunflower oil beats safflower, grapeseed, and olive oil when it comes to Vitamin E and that if I’m dining out and trying to keep my sodium intake down, I should choose Earl’s Lois Lake Steelhead Salmon over Kelsey’s Seafood Lover’s Pasta, The Keg’s Black Cod, and Milestone’s California Spring Salad with Shrimp Skewers.


Holy smoke!


I’m not saying that this information is not good or useful, but it wouldn’t be my first choice of information to share with people looking to improve their nutritional habits.  Some of this is pretty advanced or finicky stuff that could be tinkered with once more general stuff is taken care of.  In my experience most of this information is not even necessary once the more general stuff is taken care of.  A lot of dietary details fall into place when the big picture is solid.  How I tackle the big picture will vary from client to client, but for most, I can help them without ever conveying the sort of specifics found in this nutrition quiz.


Most of my clients are looking for help with nutrition in the context of fat loss/weight management or general health.  They typically fall into two groups.  Ones that like to follow specific rules and instructions and ones that like to free float within some general guidelines. The former tend to do well with calorie and macronutrient counting, the latter with portion sizing and food choice selection strategies.  They can be further divided into those that do well with moderation and those that prefer extremes.  The former can go from drinking two cans of pop a day to one, the latter must remove all pop from their life.  They all benefit from becoming aware of their current nutritional choices and thinking about whether they help them achieve their goals or not.  If you’re thinking about it, you’re already on the right track!  If you need help taking it a step further, we can help with that.




New News

New Belts and Decks!

 New Belts and Decks! (right)

A few quick things to share with you today:


  1. Our parts order arrived!  Most of them have been installed, but there are still a few we haven’t got to yet.  Get in here and experience the smooth beauty of new treadmill belts and decks, the joy of adjusting the upright bike seat height with ease, and the knowledge of how fast and far you’re rowing on either rower!
  2. Our Registered Massage Therapist, Jenna, got her phone fixed!  Now you will always be able to complete your call.  Her new number is 204-599-6720.  Want benefits like these?  Give her a call and set up an appointment!
  3. Thursday spin class is pretty quiet.  Too quiet.  We will most likely stop doing Spin on Thursdays.  We could move the time to one that you might come to if you want to Spin more than Tuesday and Saturday.  Let us know if you want to keep the third day.
  4. We’ve had some interest in running the Simply Fit Small Group Training program at other times (5 am, 11 am, 5 pm, 9 pm) than what we are currently running.  We need just one or two more people in each time to make them a go.  If you’re interested or know someone who might be, get in touch!



Great News!

Hypothermic Half Winner

Second Overall and First Female


We’ve got two quick, exciting updates for you.

1. Becky raced the Hypothermic Half last week and crushed it!  She came second overall, only 5 minutes behind the guy who won.

2. Jenna is officially a Registered Massage Therapist with the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba.  That means your massage can be covered by Blue Cross!   Contact Jenna to set up your appointment.

New Face

I’d like to introduce you to a new face in the gym. Mine!

my face

my face

After a few years away, I am delighted to return to MORFIT! I’ll be training clients, teaching classes, manning the desk, and doing all kinds of things in front of and behind the scenes that you may or may not notice. I spend a lot of time at the computer for someone who works at a gym!

behind the scenes

behind the scenes

in front of the scenes

in front of the scenes

It’s been a lot of fun so far.   In January, we had a booth at the Wonderful Wedding Show and hosted our first ever MORFIT Wellness Expo.   We learned a lot at both that will make our Wellness Expo even better next year.


hard to believe we didn’t win prettiest booth at the Wonderful Wedding Show…

February has been more about working on MORFIT the gym. We got some new spin bikes in—and Becky’s Tuesday Spin class is STILL filling up!—and I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what we need to order to restore our fleet of cardio equipment to it’s rightful glory. Getting closer! I’m hoping we’ll be ready to place an order next week that will have parts for the spin bikes, exercise bikes, stepmill, rower, and treadmills on it. Yessss!

Then I’ll find other things to work on that get me out from behind the computer. Stop and say hi next time you’re in the gym. Tell me what you like about MORFIT and what you want us to work on to make it even better.

Be well, do well.


5 Summer Must-Haves

As we head into what I hope is the usual beautiful warm summers we get here in Manitoba, all of us here at MORfit want to make sure you’re prepared to make this your best summer yet. Whether you have big plans to be out and about as much as humanly possible during the next few months, or just want to take it as it comes and laze in the sun- here is a list of must-haves to keep you motoring, healthy, and happy for the 2014 season!


  • A re-usable water bottle (or two)
    Staying hydrated is always a good thing to do- especially in the summer months. Your body is constantly using water to maintain homeostasis, so replacing it regularly throughout the day is good practice. Staying adequately hydrated can improve energy levels (for those afternoons at work when you’d much rather be out in the sun), help with aches and pains, headaches, and keep you feeling cool in whatever situation you find yourself in this summer. Having a re-usable bottle, or a few (if you’re like me and notorious for leaving them places) also helps the environment out. The less plastic used the better! Grab something that you like the look of, is easy to take with you, and can be refilled throughout the day. Drinking water instead of sugary drinks will also lower your calorie count and keep every part of you happy.
    If you find the taste of water boring or can’t get motivated to keep drinking it throughout the day try adding frozen fruit, mint, or a slice of lemon to it. This creates a fresh taste similar to juice or pop, without the added sugar!


    Matt Damon approves your hydration choices.

  • A Foam Roller
    If you haven’t already discovered these awesome little pieces of foam and rubber- trust me when I say you should look into them! Summer should be your prime time to be outdoors and moving- whether of not your an elite athlete, a recreational go-getter, or just the average active Winnipegger, a foam roller can keep you busting those sick moves (or doing other things) all summer long. A form of myofascial release, the results you can expect to get from your savvy roller are similar to that of massage and stretching techniques used by athletic and physical therapists all over the place (without the cost!). They average around $30, and come in different sizes and densities. If you’ve never used one before, I recommend starting with a lighter density and moving up. Google a “rumble roller” for a glimpse into the ultimate roller experience… Excellent for helping release tight and sore muscles all over your body, they can also be integrated into your normal exercise/stretching routine with little hassle (but tonnes of benefit).
    Where can you get this handy dandy tool your body will love you for? Running room, Walmart, Diamond Athletics, Innovative Medical Supplies, or anywhere on the internet that has the best deal! We even have some for your use here at MORfit. If you aren’t already sold on the thing– come try one out and get one of our knowledgable staff to walk you through the details of how a foam roller can be used to keep you moving and grooving towards your goals this summer!


    Don’t worry- you too can look this cool!

  • A Good Pair of Shoes
    Another thing you might want more then one of. Whether you walk, run, bike, hike, or casually stroll to and fro.. a pair of shoes that makes your feet happy will go a long way. There are many voices out there to tell you which is the best brand or what is the newest fad- but what it really comes down to when picking the pair for you is what works with your body mechanics the best- and what you feel comfortable in. If you’re an avid activity pursuer, having more then one pair is not a bad idea. Shoes do wear out, after all, and the more they wear the more stress they can place on your body. If you’re using shoes frequently, a new pair every 6 months or so isn’t out of line. Having a couple pairs to rotate between can lengthen the life of those sneakers, and keep you on track.

A Sick Pair of Sunnies (and all the other sun gear)

Not only will you look super cool, your eyes will be safer from our friend the sun. Combine those good looks with some sun screen slathered everywhere and anywhere, and maybe even a stylin’ hat- you’ll be ready to take on the Winnipeg summer without any worries!



Portrait of male with bad sunburn

Safe to say this guy didn’t see this post in time…


Last but not least, a gym membership for those rainy days…

We know they’ll happen, and we know you want to stay active. As much as being outdoors as much as possible is what we Winnipeggers like to do, having a back-up plan (or even an add-on option to your already outdoorsy style) is never a bad plan. Staying fit and active, no matter what mother nature throws our way, will make all those awesome plans you have for summer so much more awesome. Try out a new fitness class, lift things up and put them down, ellipticise, or go for a spin on the spin bikes- all these options (and more) make for some good rainy day sweat. Your body will thank you for it, and doing what you do is much more satisfying when you have your body on your side.

There you have it, a brief toolbox of things to keep you on track to be your best this summer. As always, here at MORfit we like to see you being the best version of you- in and out of the gym. For more tips and tricks to keep healthy this summer- stop by and chat to our staff, or shoot us an email. We love to talk to all of you- and are full of ideas and summery thoughts!


Until next time…


Are you listening?

How often have you been told to take more time for yourself, or that you do too much?

There are many topics that can and will be discussed on the MORfit blog, but I’d like to start off with a post about doing what’s right for you in relation to stress and time management. This concept is not always taken to heart in our culture, as we constantly strive to make others happy and get things done. The to-do lists never end. While making others happy does bring back a certain amount of happiness, being true to what we need as individuals is the core behind everything we do in the health industry.

Personally, I am one to overschedule and rush from place to place- in an effort to keep my life both interesting and moving towards my own personal goals. What I’ve learned from this lifestyle is how important time management, and including time for recuperation is in order to maintain sanity. One way I’ve learned how to do this, when I‘m feeling overwhelmed, is to make a list. A list to prioritize my time into sections: what I really need/want to focus on, then things that will help me achieve my goals, and finally things that I don’t necessarily need in my schedule.

Okay, if I’m being honest, the middle section I added in because I didn’t want to give up some things. But still. I’ve never been a list-y type of person, but this actually helped me put things into perspective- and helped me incorporate a little more relaxation time into my schedule.

I have a friend who when I ask for help making a decision (big or small)- always says, “follow your bliss”. What he means by that is that by doing what makes you truly happy, in the end, will always be the right choice. Of course there will be times where maybe neither choice will make you “happy”, but quite often our gut instinct will pull us one way or the other- and trusting your gut is a piece of wisdom in itself. Quite often when I feel overwhelmed, it’s because I have not allowed myself the time to take a step back and acknowledge what my gut is suggesting I do. Have you ever noticed that slightly anxious feeling when you’re particularly stressed out about any number of things in your life? That may be your instinct talking to you. Give it a second of your time, it has good advice for you.

Sometimes that advice may be trying to sway you towards one side of a decision. Sometimes it may be telling you to take some time for you, some time where you can allow yourself to not think about the to-do lists, work, etc etc. Taking a break, in whatever form suits you, it something we all need to do a little more of. Taking a break and not feeling guilty about it is a good thing for your mind, body, and soul. No matter who you are, or what you do- there is always time for you to just do you. Another good friend of mine once used the phrase “we tend to be more of human doings, rather then human beings.”.


Doing too much isn’t going to kill you- but doing too much all the time will have deleterious effects to your health, and your enjoyment of life. Finding a balance that suits you as an individual can make all the stresses of life much more manageable. There is so much joy in everyday life, but often it is clouded by “need to do-s”, emails, decisions, calls, tasks, and ongoing stress. Giving yourself a little slack, just a little everyday- listening to what your body is telling you, might enable you to take a step back… and taking a step back always makes the mountain look smaller.

How can you tell when you’re doing too much, and what are some ways you take time for yourself?

– Kathlyn