Our Team

Our team is what makes us stand out from the rest. Whether you’re speaking with our staff, trainers, or instructors; you can be confident that you’re in caring and educated hands.


Gym Staff

Assisting our members with information and exercise direction, the gym staff are the front-liners. All our staff are either taking Kinesiology/Exercise Science at University, or have an extensive background in the fitness industry. To learn more about our desk staff; read our Staff Bios.



Our trainers are CSEP-CPT certified, the gold standard for personal trainer certification in Canada. You can be confident that your trainer will take a personal approach to working with you, as every client has unique goals and considerations. To learn about our trainers’ areas of expertise and training styles; read our Trainer Bios.



Our physical therapists are certified professionals with the knowledge and experience to get your body moving pain-free! Taking an active and functional approach to physical therapy; you can be confident that you’re in good hands. Read our Therapist Bios here.



Our Registered Dietitian / nutritionist understands that every individual has unique needs and considerations when it comes to developing nutritional strategies that will fit in their lifestyle. The foods we eat play a critical role in how we feel, perform, and recover. Our qualified nutritionist is here to make sure you have the skills to choose the correct fuel for your body! Read our Nutritionist Bios here.