My first meeting with Stuart was an eye opener. I was on the higher level of the obesity scale, and had known health problems (sleep apnea, asthma, and heart problems). Sometimes you just have to see it on paper (a picture without my shirt on helped too…). Stuart put me on a simple diet program, gave me an exercise routine, and showed me how to do the exercises properly. When I wasn’t sure if I was doing the exercises the right way there was always a staff member or Stuart more then willing to give me advice.


I started my journey weighing in at 190lbs. I now weigh 130lbs and am no longer obese. I no longer experience sleep apnea or asthma and am feeling overall much healthier. I have a whole new group of friends that I’ve met at the gym, and set myself new goals to achieve. I just want to thank all the MORFit staff and trainers for always helping, giving advice, and words of encouragement when I needed it most. If I can do it, anybody can!

– Apollo Alvarez